Imagine legally blind karate chopping strippers sharing the stage with vacuuming house cowboys.  Slo Down Wines introduces their new Chardonnay, “Broken Dreams” to complement their shirazy, Zinfindel, “Sexual Chocolate”. This is the second time harvest films, Matt Klug, Keith Greenstein and Slo Down Wines have partnered together to create adventurous content for the brand. Featured again is winemaker, Brandon Allen as our spokesperson, complete with a plethora of deviant disguises.


Brandon explains his relationship with director, Baker Smith and his transition from winemaker to actor, “As a two day old actor, my prose consists of looking in the mirror and saying “you suck.” I leave it to Baker Smith to convince me that I don’t suck. By the end of a shoot he has me ready to quit making wine to follow my real dreams, acting. Baker has me convinced that I’m Brad Pitt, only with a better body. It’s a vicious cycle but it’s our process and it works 100% of the time.”