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What binds us as parents? What ties those universal bonds that all parents, regardless of age, race or religion share? The indefatigable drive to see their children thrive. To give them the absolute best and provide that essential leg up that only a devoted parent can furnish.

In this charming film by Baker Smith, PKT and Similac, we visit the “battlefield” of parenthood. The agreements and (more often then not) disagreements on how to raise that precious little bundle. Breastfed or formula, disposable diapers or cloth, home birth or hospital assisted. Just a mere few that top a seemingly endless list of arguable choices. But in the end, whether you’re a stay at home parent or one that works a 80 work week, the message is simple…No matter what our beliefs, we’re parents first. Welcome to the Sisterhood of Motherhood.

And with over 8 million hits on YouTube and counting, it seems to be the general consensus as well!

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