As we all settle into our lanes and embrace the global masses that came out on Saturday, we thought it prudent to share with you some tactile things that we all can do to keep this momentum alive.  Additionally, we wanted to share some of our favorite videos and stills from our DC trip.  While streaming LIVE was challenging, we were able to feed videos on what was happening in the crowd, inside the march, and we met some amazing women, men and children from all ages, ethnicities and parts of the country. Not On My Watch has been a strong partner by helping us to stream this very intimate view of the DC March.

So, with the help of The Women’s March, we’re asking everyone to follow the 10 Actions over the next 100 Days.  Attached to the link are printable postcards you can download. Just write a few sentences to your Senator about what matters most to you. Call us if you need help.

“What do you think Democracy looks like?”