Return to Freedom

Each year harvest dedicates it’s time and resources to give back to our community through philanthropy to local nonprofits or otherwise under represented persons or companies that rely solely on the donations and goodwill of others.

Recently we joined forces with Neda DeMayo, Founder of Return to Freedom (RTF), a nonprofit organization that relies on the generosity of the community to save wild horses and burros from BLM roundups and holding pens in the Western United States. RTF finds and creates sanctuaries for these animals, they provide food and water each day, pay for veterinary care, as well as work with the legislature by lobbying on behalf of these iconic wild mustangs and burros. RTF also provides education to local schools and hosts young children and their classes to the various sanctuaries.

This short film was shot from the perspective of the wild horse. It challenges the PTSD moments these horses experience from roundups and shares the intimacy and family structures that exist amongst these wild mustangs. Horses run when they’re being chased; we wanted to share the ‘real’ moments, the tender moments horses cherish.

harvest sat down with key players and observed, documented and filmed these majestic horses to bring an awareness to the organization. RTF relies on charitable contributions to continue feeding (hay prices have more than doubled in the last year) and providing safe environments for these horses to live in.

The link below shares some the many ways of getting involved including sponsoring a horse and/or a burro ❤️

A very special thanks to everyone who played a role in making this come together: Bonnie Goldfarb, Patrick Yonally, Michael Ashe, Scott Stephens, Aaron Kahn, Brad Stevenson, Mitch Pratt, Evan Freeman, Staci Witt, Niko Whelan, Camp Lucky | Editor: Alex Heisterkamp, Assistant Editor: Matt Fritsche, Colorist: Neil Anderson, Executive Producer: Jessica Berry and LIME Studios | Sound Designer: Collin Thomas and Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan