The year was 1967 when Leo Burnett and Maytag created an American Icon, The Maytag Man. For over 46 years, The Maytag Man represented an archetypal repairman who cultivated habits such as crossword puzzles and beadwork because he was rarely called upon to repair a machine. The repairman’s only company was his dog, Newton who was named after the town in Iowa where Fred Maytag built his first washing machine.

Enter Baker Smith of harvest films, Colin Ferguson and the team from Alpha 245 (a subsidiary of Leo Burnett) and The Maytag Man is reborn to a new generation of Maytag die hards. He no longer is a repairman but he embodies the machine itself. He is the machine and he represents the durability, reliability and power of the Maytag brand. He’s young, fit and wears a modern version of the iconic Maytag blue suit and hat.

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