Brita = 221,314

Brita Photo

1 soda per day = 9 sugar cubes.

9 sugar cubes x 365 days/per year = 3,285 sugar cubes per year

3,285 sugar cubes/year x the average life span of an adult = 221,314 sugar cubes

221,314 sugar cubes consumed in a lifetime by drinking one soda/day.


DDB California tasked harvest and Matthias with figuring out how to build a city out of 221,314 sugar cubes. We knew it had to be tactile, in-camera and we imagined that we could try to incorporate the human body into this brief. This challenge excited Matthias as he found this Brita concept “morally correct advertising which has something to say.”

After extensive research we were able to locate and commission two world renowned, contemporary sugar sculpture artists Brendan Jamison and Mark Revels, who were just as excited to be a part of this project as we were. Working closely with Matthias on the dimensions and physical structure of the Sugar City, Matthias was able to design a pre-visualization that would be used to illustrate specific camera movements.

Brita Photo1

Creative Director, Jim Bosilijevac, adds “we wanted to convey that this wasn’t just a personal decision, it was larger than that. It’s not only about your personal choices but the choices of the entire world, it becomes a health epidemic.”

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