Ad Council

harvest and Adam Goldstein partnered with Ad Council to create a series of films that direct people to the website, This website is intended to help parents better understand their children’s learning and attention issues and provide advice on how to deal with them. The website is also establishing an online community for parents to chat with other parents facing similar issues. The goal here according to is, “To help millions of children go from simply coping to truly thriving.”


On October 22, 2014 The NY Times declared, “According to the 2014 State of Learning Disabilities Report, 1 in 5 people in the United States age 3 to 20 has problems with reading, math, writing, focus and attention.”

Larissa Kirschner, creative director at Publicis Kaplan Thaler, who created these ads with Scott Davis explains, “The crux of this campaign is that understanding is everything. Put yourself in childrens shoes and you can truly understand their frustration. We took the cultural phenomenon of Siri, a smartphone not always getting you, as our way in.” harvest is proud to support Ad Council and in this endeavor.

“Directions” Directed by Adam Goldstein

“Miscommunication” Directed by Adam Goldstein